building a safer world for women

The SafeUP platform and mobile phone app creates a community of local female guardians who can offer help and support to any woman or girl feeling unsafe.

By creating a virtual support network around them, SafeUP provides women and girls with the reassuring knowledge that support, guidance or in-person assistance is only a few taps away.


SafeUP is a social network for women that provides support and reassurance when it’s most needed.

The SafeUP platform works by establishing a network of local guardians in a particular community. If a user is feeling unsafe at any point – on their way home late at night, in an unfamiliar location, or confronted with any sort of threatening behaviour – they can use the SafeUP app to immediately connect with nearby guardians. 

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a network of local guardians

SafeUP builds up a local network of female volunteer guardians, so that in areas that are covered, there’s always help and support close at hand.

quick access to the right support

With a few taps in the SafeUP app, users can quickly connect to nearby guardians, either through voice or video calls. This immediately provides reassurance to the user and may deter potential threats. If necessary, users can also request in-person support, or connect directly to the emergency services.

robust verification and vetting

All profiles on SafeUP undergo a robust verification process before they are admitted to the network, ensuring that it remains a safe and trustworthy space. To become a guardian, users also undertake a thorough and comprehensive training process, to ensure that they understand how best to support users seeking help in a variety of situations. 


Building up a UK user base

SafeUP leverages the power of community-minded users, and relies on a dense network of guardians to provide reassurance and support. We are working with SafeUP to build up their user presence in the UK.

Engaging with the the public sector on women's safety

The SafeUP platform can provide policy-makers and public safety officials with data on harassment and threatening behaviour that previously did not exist. We are engaging with the relevant public sector bodies to ensure that this data is used to enhance public safety in the UK.

"We're hugely excited to be working with UK Partnerships in growing SafeUP's presence and impact in the UK"
Neta schreiber
Founder & CEO, SafeUp


Download the UK Partnerships information sheet, and visit SafeUP's website