Bringing innovative tech to the UK public sector

Our Mission

We bridge the gap between young, dynamic companies from around the world and governmental organisations in the UK. 

This allows the British public to benefit from high-calibre technology, and helps innovative tech companies work with the UK public sector.

Key Sectors

clean energy

Sustainable ways of powering the future

smart cities

Using connectivity and the IoT to modernise urban environments

health & wellbeing

Deploying technology to improve medical, social and mental welfare

green tech

Improving environmental outcomes and sustainability


Leveraging technology to improve outcomes


Protecting against cyberattacks and data leaks

Our Partners

We work with cutting-edge companies from around the world:

Case Studies

A leading Fintech startup that provides accelerated invoice services needed our help to break into the public sector. Within 6 years, they had gone from nothing to 40+ clients, over £1bn in transactions and a successful listing on the AIM exchange​

We worked with a startup that provide salary advances at low and fixed rates of interest, introducing them to 19 Local Councils and achieving six pre-contract agreements

We worked with a multinational telecoms conglomerate over the course of 18 months, advising them on a new infrastructure project involving Local Authorities, and connecting them to over 150 Local Councils

For the past four years, we have been working with one of the largest contractors to UK Local Authorities, facilitating new sales and dispute resolutions in the areas of waste management and energy 

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